Artists Equity, Creator of "1% Art Program"

What is It?

The arts program sets aside 1% of public money spent on building projects for fine arts. Artists Equity, Philadelphia Chapter proposed the 1% art project to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. The late Michael von Moschizisker, then chairman of the Authority, helped Artists Equity accomplish this goal.

The program began in 1959 has been adopted by hundreds of local and state governments, as well as the federal government. The program was the first of its kind and has helped many sculptors, painters, and other fine artists have their work in public places.

In Philadelphia "Clothespin" by Claes Oldenburg and "Government of the People" by Jacques Lipchitz are some of the sculptures that now are city landmarks due to the 1% for art program.

Why is the 1% for art program important?

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