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Mentor Program and Resource Sharing


The mentorship program is available again this season for all current AE members. This program is designed to pair artists together for professional development, networking, and support within the art community. The time commitment is as little as sharing resources via phone or e-mail to one or more in person meetings depending on the availability and interest of both artists. Mentees receive much needed support in their artistic development and mentors benefit from sharing their talents with others.

For example, an artist may be interested in changing their current working medium from acrylics to oils and could use some advice on materials and techniques from someone familiar in that area. A mentor could also share some tips on marketing artwork and developing an artist resume to someone who would like to build opportunities to show their work. Mentorship, either on a formal or an informal basis can be a source of ongoing professional development as an artist.

A brief application is available to anyone who may be interested in becoming either a mentor or mentee or in sharing resources on an informal basis by contacting Sarah Canfield at (215)769-0574, or Sarah.Canfield@gmail.com.




2002-2008 Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity Association, Inc.




2002-2008 Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity Association, Inc.