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Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity Association, Inc., a business association of professional artists, works to promote the business interests of visual artists through exhibits, professional issues, advocacy and other programs. Artists Equity is one of the few organizations that addresses these concerns. To achieve these important goals, we need your participation as a member.

As artists working together, we can accomplish far more than we can as individuals. Artists Equity endeavors to strengthen our voice through cooperation with other arts organizations and through our partnership with the Friends of Artists Equity Trust. When we speak with one voice, we can influence the conditions that affect all of our lives.

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Get the advantage
Be associated with excellence
• Exhibition and networking opportunities for all levels of the profession and in all fine arts media
• Upper tier venues, Select Exhibitions
• Monetary prizes, awarded by respected and well-known curators and jurors

Promote our economic well-being as an artists
• Professional development programs, Mentoring, Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing
• Workshops, lectures and panels on marketing, copyright, licensing and more
• Discounts on some subscriptions and at many local art supply stores

Get in the know
Protect and expand the rights of artists
• Best practices and policies on entrance fees, art in the fundraising setting, contracts and negotiating
• Advocacy on legislative issues affecting artists at local, state and federal levels
• Hotlines for ethics problems and art health hazards





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