Be associated with excellence

• Exhibition and networking opportunities for all levels of the profession and in all fine arts media
• Upper tier venues & Select Exhibitions
• Monetary prizes, awarded by respected and well-known curators and jurors


Workshops, lectures, and panels on marketing, copyright, licensing and more, usually held in conjunction with exhibitions.

Policymaking & ADVOCACY

AE's mission is economic advancement for fine artists and ethical business practices. Artists and colleagues are encouraged to develop and adopt policies that are equitablel to living artists. To that end, AE drafts positions papers, evalutates and promotes policies that support all who work in the fine arts, with particular focus on fine artists.

1% for Art, a program founded by Artists Equity and adopted across the USA.

The 1% for Art program sets aside 1% of public money spent on building projects for fine arts. Artists Equity, Philadelphia Chapter proposed the 1% art project to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. The late Michael von Moschizisker, then chairman of the Authority, helped Artists Equity accomplish this goal.

The program began in 1959 has been adopted by hundreds of local and state governments, as well as the federal government. The program was the first of its kind and has helped many sculptors, painters, and other fine artists have their work in public places.

In Philadelphia, "Clothespin" by Claes Oldenburg and "Government of the People" by Jacques Lipchitz are some of the sculptures that now are city landmarks due to the 1% for art program.

Why is the 1% for art program important?

  • It incorporates art into the fabric of life for all people.

  • The 1% for Art program makes it easy for developers to include art in the early stages development.

  • It advances and promotes the mission of AE: improved business conditions for professional fine artists.

AE signed the petition to save the National Endowment for the Arts

Fundraiding and Art Auction Guidelines to help artists and auctions host make an equitable exchange
.pdf version here

Read AE's position paper to Fight the Elimination of Arts Education

Abstract: Fight for Arts Education Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Association, Inc. is advocating that the U.S. House of Representatives oppose any bill that would seriously reduce funding for Arts Education in public schools.

It is important to remember that Artists Equity does not have a vote and is not a constituent of any legislator. Artists Equity is non-partisan. These legislators may very well agree with us on the importance of the arts, but they don’t hear from many actual voters who feel the same way. You can change that with a phone call, a letter or an email.

Artists Equity supports Arts Education because it nurtures future supporters and consumers of the arts; it provides an important job market for professional artists, and because support of the arts benefits local economies.

AE Supported The Artist Museum Partnership Act of 2011–2012

AE Opposed The Orphan Works Act of 2006


Published in partnership with Friends of Artists Equity,"Artists Speak: The revelations of contemporary artists, their lives, dreams, problems, joys and craft"

Artists Speak book CoverThe book includes special introductions by Helen Mirkil, Dan Miller, Diana Moses Botkin, Burton Wasserman, Moe Brooker, Eric Maisel, Dan Gotlieb and Lisa Hanover. The focus is 79 contemporary artists, their eloquent expressions of joys, struggles and the motivations behind their art.

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